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We know that medicine is much more than just going into a hospital and getting yourself stitched-up according to your wallet size. We need to believe that medicine can not only save lives but can change lives. So we team of doctors and healthcare experts will assist you to have a hassle-free experience in your health care process.


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Talk to Medical Expert

We provide a personalised expert to assist you all along your journey in healthcare.

Get a Second Opinion

Get the timely second opinion & appointment of specialist doctors.

Healthcare at Home

We provide timely home-based care for your specified medical needs

Medical Tourism

We assist you in finding treatment, Doctors, travel & stay. End to end service.

Art of Healthcare

Get personalised and simplified healthcare solutions for your healthcare questions.

Treatment cost comparison

Get a cost estimate of the treatment across different hospitals nationally and internationally.



What People Are Saying

“The appointments, at Dynamic Medcare, was easy to get. I experienced a sense of respect which was shown for the patients, which is great. I appreciate Dynamic as a highly professional, competent and resourceful health assistant. I recommend to all to contact them for health issues.”

Rohith Kumar

“I got to know about Dynamic Medcare through a friend. I had a kidney stone, so I wanted to know a lot of things about my condition. Dynamic Expert instantly connected me to a doctor. Now, I find it very easy to consult and get appointments online without having to travel or wait at the hospital.”

Kiran Kulkarni

“I loved the quality of care and support I received at Dynamic Medcare. Every question I had about my health was answered quickly and compassionately. I am grateful to the doctor for all the help and encouragement I received on how to keep myself healthy. Keep up the good work!”

Isabella Edwards

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